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The Powerful Benefits Of Our Cloud based Pay-As-You-Go Services
AVG Cloud Care Content Filtering allows your company to increase productivity with advanced, real-time content filtering and the ability to block access to the websites that drain time and money from your business.

Drive Productivity: By limiting access to social networking, searching and shopping to approved times. and because less bandwidth is absorbed by personal use, that means more speed for business tasks.

Protect against threats: AVG Content Filtering prevents users from bringing security risks into the business by automatically stopping access to sites known to deliver spyware, malware and other threats.

AVG Cloud Care Anti Virus provides your computers the latest protection with pay-as-you-go, keyless flexibility. This is protection that is not just up-to-date, it is just as effective whether you are on the network or working on-the-go. Includes: LinkScanner, Firewall, AVG Smart Scanning, AVG Social Networking Protection, Online shield and Identity protection.

Drive Productivity. Save Time & Money. Protect Your Valuable Investment.